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Below- WW2 in the Pacific -- Totally Avoidable (scroll down)

Illuminati "Sex Goddess" Programming

May 27, 2016

lamar-wifi-1.jpg(left, Hedy Lamarr, 1914-2000)

Every decade, certain movie
stars epitomize sex appeal. 

These "sex symbols"
program men to think
women represent 
transcendent spiritual ideals.
By inflating female value
in men's minds, Hollywood
sabotages the heterosexual dynamic 
which requires male dominance.
As with feminism, the Illuminati
empower women in order to
emasculate men and neuter
both sexes. 

Updated from Jan 4, 2015

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

I have a hunch that sexual desire is partly in the mind. We are programmed to desire sex, but could be programmed to desire mystical experiences or to perform selfless acts instead. We desire what our Illuminati masters teach us to desire and are "happy" if we achieve it. Mental rather than spiritual beings, we are programmed to be sex addicts by the satanists who control the mass media.  

A 22-year-old Swedish man wrote: "Most of my friends see women as the holy grail. Pretty much their whole existence is based around "getting laid". Its like we are devolving into animals. Maybe that is their goal. And if you're not getting women, you are a loser..." 

Hedy Lamarr's autobiography "Ecstasy and Me" (1966) got me thinking about sex programming. Lamarr was Hollywood's biggest sex symbol in the 1940's.  She reminded me of all the sex symbols they used to program me - Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren etc.  These women (and their male counterparts) were treated like Goddesses, and their successors still are.

Hollywood programs men to seek first and foremost physical perfection and sex, resulting in arrested development. Moreover, beautiful women are presented as morally superior while at the same time catering to a man's every physical and emotional need. This programming creates unrealistic expectations. It 
destabilizes society by putting women on a pedestal, giving them power they did not earn and do not deserve and making men afraid to approach them. In general, they are using women to disempower men, much like Eve and Adam.


Hedy_Lamarr_in_Come_Live_With_Me_trailer.JPGHedy Lamarr happened to be Jewish. She was considered "the most beautiful woman in the world" for her face. Even though her breasts were small, revealing them as a teenager in an Austrian film "Ecstasy"(1933) established her notoriety. In the same film, she also mimed the facial expressions of a woman during intercourse which was considered groundbreaking.

It seems the whole trajectory of the Twentieth Century was to make sex the primary focus and purpose of life. This is how satanic possession works. (Sex was already acceptable in the context of marriage.)

There's a bright side. We have passed through a collective adolescence and have grown up. Many people now can see sex and romantic love for the delusions they are. Andy Warhol called sex, "the biggest nothing in the world." Nonetheless, the Illuminati still control the majority of people this way. Television is constant sexual titillation.

Hedy Lamarr preferred men but she also dabbled in lesbian sex. People assumed she was "a good girl" because of her sophisticated look, but she wasn't. Everyone wanted her, and often she was game. But to her credit, she didn't use sex to advance her career. She wouldn't fornicate with Louis B. Meyer, for example.

Hedy Lamarr was a painter and helped invent a "frequency-hopping system" for torpedoes  a technique now used for Wi-fi. Yet she was stupid emotionally. She was married six times. She married one man on the first date. Husbands accused her of "wanting it all" and "only being able to love herself." She blamed her beauty for attracting the wrong people. She went from being a millionairess to destitution after she turned 50. She was arrested for shoplifting in 1966 but the jury acquitted her for old time's sake. Finally, she secured her old age by suing people who were not authorized to use her image, and by dabbling in the stock market.


220px-Samson_and_Delilah_original_1949_poster.JPGEven in the thirties and forties, Hollywood was a sexual cesspool. It's a tragedy that these degenerates define reality for us. I found this dialogue between Lamarr and an agent amusing. She was cast as Delilah in Cecil B DeMille's epic, Samson and Delilah (1949). Both DeMille and the agent were Jewish.

Agent: "You mix muscles, tits and sadism and you've got box office. You add a genius like C.B. with all the money in the world and you've got significance. In fact, every picture the old man makes is significant."

HL: "What do I wear?"

Agent (leering): "Nothing, just some gold and rags."

HL: Who plays Samson?

Agent: They're thinking Victor Mature. But who cares. It's only a body to set you in the ruins. Muscle and tits sugarcoated with religion, it's for you." (p.136)


Why are Jews so obsessed with sex?
Jews don't know this but Judaism is not a religion. The Illuminati Jewish leadership supplants God, and degrades mankind to an animal state using sex. Whenever you deny God, you can create myriad false Gods including sex.

Judaism is secret society like Freemasonry; only initiates know its true character. It is defined by Cabalism, a satanic sex cult, and the Talmud, which is characterized by incest and pedophilia as well as hatred of non-Jews. (Cabalism is satanic because it says God is formless and unknowable. The essence of religion is that God is knowable - how else can you obey Him?)

Due to Masonic Jewish control of banking, business, government, culture and communications, we have all become Jews. Western society is a satanic cult.
Sex is the new God. "Sex goddesses" point the way. Porn may have blunted their power somewhat by demystifying the naked body.

The lesson? This is a battle for the mind. If we don't control our thoughts, they will.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Illuminati "Sex Goddess" Programming "

Thomas S said (January 7, 2015):

You say: “Jews don't know this but Judaism is not a religion. The Illuminati Jewish leadership wants to replace God, and degrade mankind to an animal state using sex. Whenever you deny God, you create false Gods like sex.”

I for one disagree to this extent. Judaism is a publishing house, perhaps the first. They defined God for themselves (actually made themselves the main character) in a tribal novel. The God they created and that you and so many consider to be true is merely a reflection of those OT script writers. Thus the jealous OT God is nothing like the loving father figure of the NT. They didn’t consider that any of the goys would be paying close attention to that plot twist although Yeshua addresses it to tighten up the script.

The NT was not an invitation for the goys, it was an enslavement script. Jews know very well that their tribal script is not a religion. That’s why most Jews rarely see the inside of a Synagogue. They’ve come to realize they scripted history for the rest of the world. They made up “Sheol” why should they fear it? That some Jews act out a “Satanic” plot line is just that they’ve found it useful. It scares and further controls the largely pacifist goys.

The Jews made God (OT). They replaced him with a very different God at least once (NT). That they did it again (sex, materialism) should be no surprise. We are the addicts and the Jews are the drug peddlers.

RE said (January 5, 2015):

America has become the "new Babylon". The book of Revelation in the New Testament, chapter 18, gives you a glimpse in what has (as of 9/11/01) and will be. Special attention to verse 23b: "Your merchants were the world’s great men. By your sorcery (magic spell) all the nations were led astray." Who else but Hollywood was distributing their movies around the world, portraying Life itself and America in a fictitious light?

Tim N said (January 5, 2015):

re. Tony B below

Over time, the faith of Israel was compromised by satan before Christ, hence Christ's condemnation of all things Pharisee/Sanhedrin/Sadducees/Scribes. See Matthew 23.

The Christian "Catholic" Church has also been compromised. Do you really think satan and his "workers of light" would not infiltrate it, especially through the Jesuit Order? Interestingly, the Catholic Church has evolved to be very "Pharisee"-like. Satan loves monopolies. He is the prince of this world John 14:30

The Protestant Church initially was a major renewal and revival, like the early apostolic Church. And was vehemently persecuted for it. But over the last 400 years, it too has been corrupted. Here satan uses divide and conquer, since there is no Protestant "Church" monopoly.

Salvation must be found through faith in Christ, the Word, in the New Testament with other individuals, not institutions.

Tony B said (January 4, 2015):

"Due to Masonic Jewish control of banking, business, government, culture and communications, we have all become Jews. Western society is a satanic cult."

This is "gospel" truth. It came in spades with Jewish inspired protestantism, the nullification of the knowledge and power of the most hated enemy of Talmudism, the Catholic Church. Wherever pretended protestantism destroyed real Christianity, in the English speaking world especially, the Talmudists had a cake walk introducing immorality. And do to this day. Protestants remain basically clueless. True, sex is the linchpin of all corruption, which Catholicism had a moral defense against, while protestantism is the sterile and ignorant quasi religion of putty man, each to his own morality or lack of same. Under protestantism it all distills down to MONEY, which is the symbol for living only for the here and now of the material world, as Jewish as it gets.

JJ said (January 4, 2015):

You mention Twentieth Century Fox in your latest article Henry, a small note in that regard, FOX = 666,

Dan said (January 4, 2015):

My grandmother took me to see Cecil B. DeMille's "Biblical movies" at the drive-in around age four. Seeing the movie poster here brought back my memory of it - those movies were a big deal to me at that age. That's how my grandmother "taught" the Bible to me. I recall being confused that Delilah (Hedy Lamar) betrayed Sampson - she'd seemed so 'friendly' to him. I didn't care - I was fascinated with her anyway.

Boys were subtly 'sexualized' through these 'Bible' movies. They really were soft core porn "sugarcoated with religion" just like the man said. Though that movie was released in 1949 it was screening in second run drive-ins for over decade. I saw it in 1959.

The scene that obsessed me from DeMille's 'Ten Commandments' was the "orgy scene". I was too young to know why, but I recognized the similarity between the way the some women were dressed in 'Bible' movies and the bra advertisements in the Sunday newspaper.

This had an impact on young girls too. A little girl on my street that saw the movie too, paraded around in her underwear next day to get the attention of boys in my yard. 'Holy' wood knew how to put ideas in the girl's minds too. Boys simply react to visual stimulus of 'taboo' skin, but the girls liked seeing the power Delilah had over Sampson. The movie was so simplistic a child could get these corrupting messages.

Our parents didn't suspect what had been done to our minds because nothing physical happened. But the programming exploded after puberty, in the late 60's and 70's.

John G said (January 4, 2015):

Hollywood is truly the land of smoke and mirrors. It's amazing when you google the names of many of the old time actresses who have these sophisticated Anglo names you find out that they had their family origins in Jewish Eastern Europe and once had real Jewish names that were changed.

The "model type" of women that was created by the Hollywood starting in the 30's was blonde, tall, and full figured. Ethnic names were also prohibited. This was the mold and the standard of what physical beauty was. Innocence with beauty constituted the dumb blonde syndrome. Marilyn Monroe was the prototype of this model. In order for women to look like her, they dyed their hair blonde and some did work on their breasts. "

Is it true blondes have more fun" was the mantra for women in the early 60's and it made Clairol a lot of money. Makeup and a nose job could also help eliminate that "not sexy" ethnic look. The standard of beauty was now being defined by Hollywood's casting directors.

This did well for a long time until the first black Miss America sued because she was not getting the commercial endorsements that the previous white Miss America had. The cosmetic companies were not in the businesses of making women look black. Political Correctness had now entered the contest on what is beautiful and Hollywood followed with the manufacturing of black female sex symbols.

Today the new standard for a woman's beauty is defined by the size of her backside. The Kim Kardashian look is now the new standard. No one really cares what these women look like or act because they're too busy staring at their butts.

Below- Iran Deal Shows Illuminati/Zionism not Identical (scroll down)

WW2 in the Pacific -- Totally Avoidable

May 26, 2016


The Dec 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor attack
was instigated by Communist Jews 
in FDR's administration to save Stalin
from potential attack by Japan. 
36 million goyim died.

As flies to wanton boys are we to th' gods,
They kill us for their sport.

King Lear Act 4, scene 1, 32-37

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

In our case, the "gods" are the satanist Jewish central bankers who start all wars, destroy millions of lives, and then pay historians like John Koster to spin it as national rivalry. The bankers consider war to be "revolutionary" since it overturns civilization and paves the way for their Communist Jewish tyranny, the New World Order. It kills the "best of the goyim" (a Talmudic injunction) and makes the bankers huge profits from both munitions and debt. 

After Hitler invaded Russia in June 1941, the central bankers were ready to destroy Germany once and for all.  Their agent, Hitler, had embroiled Germany in a fatal two-front war. The only danger was that the Nazi ally Japan would invade Russia from the Far East. Then Russia would also face attack on two fronts. 

To spare their protege Stalin this dilemma, the bankers had to provoke a Japanese attack on the United States. They instituted an oil embargo and froze Japanese assets. Japan had no stomach for war with the United States. They made a conciliatory offer. In return for ending the embargoes, Japan would withdraw from China and not expand its territory beyond French Indochina. (pp.123-124) Japan and the US would restore harmonious diplomatic and commercial relations. (132) 

John Koster writes: "Both sides stood to gain: Japan could not win a protracted war wth the United States, and most Japanese wanted to get out of China with minimum loss of face, while keeping Manchuria and Korea and fending off revolution. The US would avoid a war for which it was not prepared." (133)

Japanese Prime Minister Fuminaro Jonoe asked for a meeting with Roosevelt to seal the treaty.  

Enter "Soviet" agent, "Harry Dexter White" (originally Weit ), left, the son of Lithuanian Jews, who was the chief advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau, also a Jew.  Morganthau was close to Rosenfeld (FDR) , a crypto Jew. 

Weit drafted a list of ten demands that Japan could not possibly accept without provoking a revolution. They included getting out of Asia altogether, rebuilding China, selling 3/4 of its war production to the US, and expelling all Germans. (pp.135-136)

In Koster's words, the American proposal, based on Weit's recommendations,  was "a declaration of war."  The result, six months after Hitler attacked Russia, was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. Hitler obligingly declared war on the US ensuring that Germany would have to fight on two fronts. 


Known as the Venona decrypts, the wartime wires between Moscow and the Soviet Embassy in Washington revealed that Harry Dexter White was the Soviet "spy" known as Jurist. (169)  (Furthermore, defectors Elizabeth Bentley and Whitaker Chambers had confirmed that Weit was the Communist agent as early as 1939.) Although the FBI informed the White House in 1945, Harry Truman made Weit the first director of the International Monetary Fund in 1946. 

Koster spins his story as "How a Soviet Mole in FDR's White House Triggered Pearl Harbour" but it's clear that provoking Japan was the policy
of the FDR administration as a ploy to enter the war against Germany. (137)  Koster tries to portray FDR as an "Anglo Dutch" aristocrat but FDR's own words in actions reveal him as part of the illuminati Jewish banking cartel. 

In 1933, FDR restored diplomatic relations with Communist Russia broken in 1917.  He put the Illuminati symbol with the eye of Lucifer on the one dollar bill in 1935.   

"Some of my best friends are communists"  FDR said when a congressman attempted to alert him of the "imaginary" danger of communist theft, subversion and outright treason in his administration. 

On Sept. 2, 1939, Whitaker Chambers gave the State Dept.'s Security Director, Adolphe Berle (another Jew) a four-page list of Communist agents in the FDR Administration. Berle passed them on to FDR who turned a blind eye.  He was a traitor himself.  

Pearl Harbour aside, Weit's other contributions to Communist Jewish central banker tyranny are impressive:

1. Weit cut off financial support to Chiang Kai shek "contributing to the Communist victory in China that both the Japanese and the Americans had hoped to prevent." (166)

download (7).jpeg
(60 years after Pearl Harbor, the same gangsters called for anotherSome Jews were forewarned.) 

2. Weit handed over the printing plates for occupational currency to the Soviets so they could finance their occupation of East Germany. They used the credit of the US taxpayer to print enough money to give their entire army six years of back pay. 

3. Weit helped to draft the Morgenthau Plan which would have de-industrialized and reduced Germany to an agricultural colony. FDR pushed it on Churchill with a $6 billion bribe to rebuild Britain. Secretary of War Henry Stimson bemoaned the fact that Weit and Morgenthau had "taken over" the FDR Administration: "It is Semitism gone wild for vengeance and...will lay the seeds for another war in the next generation." (167)

Koster points out that, apart from revenge, eliminating Germany removed the obstacle for Communist expansion throughout Western Europe. However, the Illuminati replaced the Morgenthau Plan with the Marshall Plan after they decided to fabricate the "Cold War" and put
mankind through 50 more years of misery and waste.


Harry Dexter Weit was an effective servant of the Cabalist Jewish God. He helped ignite the needless Pacific War in which 36 million people died, about half the total of World War Two. The war was "progressive" and "revolutionary" because it advanced the cause of satanic Jewish hegemony which provides a rubric for the banker's demented megalomaniacal agenda.  

download (6).jpeg
The Cabalist bankers enslave us by attacking the four legs of our human identify - race (migration, miscegenation), religion (God), nation and family (gender.) Due to their control of government, media and education, they mask this  gratuitous diabolical assault as "progress" and "human rights" and make us partners in our own downfall. Truly they play "cat and mouse".

Our "freedom" and democracy are a charade. Most candidates are members of this satanic cult - Freemasons. For example, Donald Trump talks a good line but I'd be pleasantly surprised (and relieved) if he altered the course of human enslavement.  But, in an ersatz world, false opposition is better than none at all.  

A diabolical bloodsucking parasite has taken control of humanity and deceived us to think war is natural and resistance is "bigotry." 

A More Detailed Treatment of this material Can be Found Here 
The Communist Agent who Caused Pearl Harbour
Proof- World War Two Was a Charade 
How Russia Got their US Treasury Plates 
Freemasons Slaughtered Christians in WWI
Insider: Society is a Jewish Psy Op 
The McCollum Memo
WWI- First Christian Holocaust 

First Comment from Rick:

This is one of the best illustrations of the power of the banking psychopaths I have ever seen. I am going to use this a lot to show people how dangerous these people really are. It explains so much and serves as a perfect backdrop to not only how evil they are but how they run us, the corporations, and our politicians etc to the present day.

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for " WW2 in the Pacific -- Totally Avoidable"

Loren said (May 27, 2016):

This is a very informative article, but I don't think it really live up to its title: that the war in the Pacific was totally avoidable.

True, the U.S. could have accepted the conciliatory Japanese offer and war could have been avoided between the two nations. But what I would have like to have read was how -- once the so-called "sneak attack" on Pear Harbor transpired -- the U.S. could have avoided what I consider the utterly stupid "island hopping campaign" in the Pacific, which costs thousands of lives, by the simple expedient of surrounding and embargoing these islands, as well as the main island of Japan, wth our naval and air resources. I think we could have simply starved the Japanese for materials and food (especially oil) until they capitulated.

I may be wrong, but I cannot imagine I am the only person who ponders whether the actual "War in the Pacific" could have been avoided after our naval victory at Midway.

Tony B said (May 26, 2016):

I agree that all in this article is true but would place the purpose expounded as the secondary one for getting the U.S. into the war. Or, perhaps, just another way of stating the true reason which, like the U.S. entry into the first "world war," was to save sorry Britain's ultra selfish, miserable butt.

After all, both these wars were decided upon because tiny Britain, even with its slave colonies, realized it could no longer compete economically with Germany and therefore wanted Germany destroyed. My guess is that the reasoning came primarily from the cabal in the City of London.

Below-Is Communism (Satanism) "The Jewish Utopia"? (scroll down)

Iran Deal Shows Illuminati/Zionism not Identical

May 25, 2016

The Iran deal was supported by the NGO Ploughshares. "Ploughshares is in turn financed by Soros' Open Society Institute, the Buffett Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Rockefeller Foundation."

We welcomed the US-Iran nuclear deal last July as a sign that Obama was defying the Zionist lobby.
However, he is always the Illuminati's puppet.  As much as Netanyahu and AIPAC protested, we discover the usual suspects (Soros, Rockefeller whom we normally associate with Zionism) actually wanted the Iran deal.  The question is why? 

Are they leading up to Albert Pike's World War Three that will pit Zionists against Islam and destroy both? 

Iran is also controlled by the Illuminati. Do they want to build it up for this final conflagration? 

The deal may have been a rain check for Bibi, who has been well compensated for his patience.

 Zionism is "but an incident of a far reaching plan," said leading American Zionist Louis Marshall, counsel for bankers Kuhn Loeb in 1917. 
"It is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a powerful weapon."  That weapon is a trauma brainwashed people - army, airforce, nuclear arsenal and secret service, not to mention electorate- at the service of the Illuminati's satanic world dictatorship i.e. Communism. 

This article shows how the Illuminati purchase "public opinion."  

The Soros-Backed Group that Helped Sell Iran Nuclear Deal
(abridged by 

TEL AVIV - A group that advocates a nuclear-free world and that was identified earlier this month by the White House as central in helping to market the Iran nuclear deal to the news media has funded National Public Radio since 2005, an Associated Press investigation has revealed.
Think tanks funded by the Ploughshares Fund include the Arms Control Association, Brookings Institution, and the Atlantic Council, the AP reported.

Unmentioned by the AP is that the Ploughshares Fund is financed by billionaire George Soros' Open Society Institute.

The involvement of Ploughshares in selling the Iran agreement to the public was revealed in an extensive New York Times Magazine profile of Obama's deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, left, titled, "The Aspiring Novelist Who Became Obama's Foreign-Policy Guru." The article contains interviews with Rhodes and scores of top Obama administration officials...

In the spring of last year, legions of arms-control experts began popping up at think tanks and on social media, and then became key sources for hundreds of often-clueless reporters. "We created an echo chamber," he admitted, when I asked him to explain the onslaught of freshly minted experts cheerleading for the deal. "They were saying things that validated what we had given them to say."

Rhodes told Times reporter David Samuels that the marketing strategy took advantage of the "absence of rational discourse" and utilized outside groups, including Ploughshares.

When I suggested that all this dark metafictional play seemed a bit removed from rational debate over America's future role in the world, Rhodes nodded. "In the absence of rational discourse, we are going to discourse the [expletive] out of this," he said. "We had test drives to know who was going to be able to carry our message effectively, and how to use outside groups like Ploughshares, the Iran Project and whomever else. So we knew the tactics that worked." He is proud of the way he sold the Iran deal. "We drove them crazy," he said of the deal's opponents.


Now the AP has revealed the extent of Ploughshares funding to NPR and to influential foreign policy U.S. think tanks.Besides $100,000 to NPR last year, the AP reports:

Ploughshares has funded NPR's coverage of national security since 2005, the radio network said. Ploughshares reports show at least $700,000 in funding over that time. All grant descriptions since 2010 specifically mention Iran.

"It's a valued partnership, without any conditions from Ploughshares on our specific reporting, beyond the broad issues of national and nuclear security, nuclear policy, and nonproliferation," NPR said in an emailed statement. "As with all support received, we have a rigorous editorial firewall process in place to ensure our coverage is independent and is not influenced by funders or special interests..."

The Arms Control Association got $282,500; the Brookings Institution, $225,000; and the Atlantic Council, $182,500. They received money for Iran-related analysis, briefings and media outreach, and non-Iran nuclear work.

Other groups, less directly defined by their independent nuclear expertise, also secured grants.

J-Street, the liberal Jewish political action group, received $576,500 to advocate for the deal. More than $281,000 went to the National Iranian American Council.

Princeton University got $70,000 to support former Iranian ambassador and nuclear spokesman Seyed Hossein Mousavian's "analysis, publications and policymaker engagement on the range of elements involved with the negotiated settlement of Iran's nuclear program."

Ploughshares says it has awarded hundreds of grants "whose aggregate value exceeded $60 million."

A previous investigation by this reporter showed Ploughshares has partnered with a who's who of the radical left, including Code Pink, the pro-Palestinian J Street, United for Peace & Justice, the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and Demo, a progressive economic advisory group where President Obama's controversial former green jobs czar, Van Jones, has served on the board.

The group says its mission is to support the "smartest minds and most effective organizations to reduce nuclear stockpiles, prevent new nuclear states, and increase global security."

Ploughshares is in turn financed by Soros' Open Society Institute, the Buffett Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Another Ploughshares donor is the Tides Foundation, which is one of the largest funders of the radical left. Tides is funded by Soros.

Ploughshares has donated to the Institute for Policy Studies, which calls for massive slashes in the U.S. defense budget.

It has also financed the International Crisis Group, a small organization that boasts Soros on its board.

First Comment by Tony B

Going a little deeper into this change in tactic, which is all it is:

There have been signs lately that the rabid Israeli leadership has outlived its usefulness to the Rothschild cabal plus everyone who matters knows that it is a directly subservient subdivision of Rothschild, Inc. which makes it a liability to that cabal.

In today's world that City of London headquartered cabal has one objective above all others which is the conquest of Russia's vast, practically untouched, natural resources, perhaps the last big prize left in the world.  They thought they had already stolen it through the communist destruction but have been shocked at the rapid return of Christianity and its right order after they dropped the terrorist tyranny and began their systematic rape of its resources.  Not to mention that the cabal thought it had Russia's fuel in hand until Putin thwarted them by jailing their agent and returning that industry and its resources to the Russian government.

So long as Zionist Israhell exists Iran will remain "hard nosed" against it and the supporting "West."  But with Israhell reduced by the cabal to be no longer a power which can play the Middle East as it pleases, Iran will eventually mellow, let its guard down, allowing the multitude of Rothschild funded (that means Soros et al too) organizations to infiltrate it and establish themselves as a weapon pointed at the soft under belly of Russia, a necessity for the total surrounding of that vast nation.  

They know Putin will not live forever and they have every intention of getting their prostitute, Medvedev (or any number of others), back in the top spot in time to further weaken Russia's defenses against the Rothschild financial empire which can buy many to so help them, can order conquest by whatever owned proxy it chooses, and can then once again destroy that nation and steal its resources.

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Iran Deal Shows Illuminati/Zionism not Identical "

MG said (May 26, 2016):

I pretty much agree with George [below]; the world is controlled by a vast web of demonic people and demonic organizations (political, economic, religious etc.) that are going to the tune of their master the devil who from the moment he rebelled against God in heaven was determined to build a universe in opposition to God and his reign. In the Bible this web is called the Babylon System and at the right time from this system the devil's ultimate tool will arise, the Anti-Christ. I personally believe we are very close to that moment and people like Obama, Hillary, Angela Merkel, Pope Francis, etc... are all doing their little part in preparing the world for his arrival.

George said (May 25, 2016):

I think that the term Illuminati is to a certain extent an anachronism. Joe Valachi allegedly said that organized crime never used the term Mafia to describe themselves. Instead it was OUR THING, in Italian Cosa Nostra. I think that the reality is that there is an essentially nameless coalition of gangsters who cooperate with each other in a variety of formats, including Masonry and organized religion, to control the show.

Brazil Update from Marcos

May 8, 2016

unnamed (73).jpg
(left, Small dolls of Ex-President Lula in prison garb are being sold at street corners) 

 May 18: Dilma keeps her propaganda war. Yesterday she was interviewed by...Glenn Greenwald. Corrupt leftist film-makers who received millions from the government denounce the "coup" in Cannes while children die in hospital lines. 
Every day more corruption scandals come to the light.

Temer, as predicted, plays the new world order economic plan to a T, with new Central Bank president  Ilan Goldfajn, a Jew born in Israel, with past ties to the United Nations, IMF and the World Bank. Can't get more Illuminati than that. 

Temer also chose a staunch marxist to be the next Secretary of Human Rights. Her agenda is completely targeted to the promotion of abortion laws and weakening of the influence of the church and religious groups. Not a word about the 64,000 people murdered every year in the country, the world's record. 

Perfect new world order system, sophisticated economic system for the rich, cultural marxism and debauchery for the poor. At least we will not starve to death. 

Dilma and Temer, opposite sides of the same coin. Lula's Central Bank president used to be former Bank Boston's CEO Meirelles, the current Minister of Economy for Temer. Meirelles was the one who appointed Goldfajn. Same guy was a minister in both governments. Before that, Armirio Fraga, George Soros' man, was the Central Bank's president in socialist Cardoso government. Do not be fooled by talk about  BRICS or socialists as a resistance to Illuminati power. There has never been a resistance. 
The difference is that Temer is a masonic gnostic Illuminati (some say a Luciferian) who believes in merit, Ayn Rand style. Goldfajn has a PhD from MIT and the Secretary is also a PhD. Evil people, but educated and not corrupt thugs and riff-raffs like Dilma's people who destroyed the country.  

Marxism, with its misery and corruption, and people hunting cats and dogs for food like in Venezuela, is the stinking goat brought into the room. Anything is better in comparison, that's the strategy from the beginning. Ordo ab Chaos.

May 16:

Marcos comments on "State Dept.
installs Bankster Puppet" 

It is BS. Americans in conspiracy circles can't grow up beyond the "CIA behind everything" stage. They have this grudge against their own government and they will try to fit any fact into their world view.

It is possible that Temer talked to Americans in 2006 (and also with Russians, and Europeans), but he spent the next 8 years as the main supporter of the Workers Party. Dilma would never have been elected if not by the support of Temer's party! It is ridiculous, Kurt Nimo can't even find Brazil on a map. He is just one more "ugly American" who think they have found the secrets of the world from his LazyBoy recliner in Ohio. I am sick and tired of the type.

In 2006 Lula had a completely neoliberal agenda in the economic sector, and Dilma always had one too. The "help to the poor" thing was a pittance, she gave 10 TIMES more money in grants and subsidized loans to billionaires than she gave to the food stamp/cash help program. She boosted the public debt so now Brazil pays US$ 1 BI a day inn interest to bankers. People are talking about a R$ 1 TRI (US$ 350 BI) corruption scandal in the state banks. Only capitalists could pay the bribes the Party wanted.

What Lula and Dilma never liked is free market. For example, Lula was paid by a mobile phone huge foreign company to approve a merger against anti-trust laws. The bribe money went to Lula's son's company, and he became a multi-millionarie overnight. Lula would say his son was just as talented as the soccer player Ronaldo, a genius in business. Meanwhile, more cartels in the economy and higher prices for consumers. 

So, free market is one thing, crony capitalism is another. Lula and Dilma were always for crony capitalism. Brazil desperately needs free markets and competition. 

For you to have an idea of Nimo's falsehood, Lula wanted as Minister for the Economy the same man who has been selected to be Temer's minister! The same one! Meirelles refused Lula's invitation so not to spoil his reputation, because he knew Lula was a crook. I knew the man, he was my boss' boss when I worked for his bank 25 years ago. 

Lula and Dilma never helped the poor at all. They only grew the size of the government, boosted public debt and gave billions to compadres. This "help the poor" talk is simply propaganda. It is just like saying the Chinese billionaires and politicians who drive Ferraris and travel in private jets are helping the poor because they communists. 

As I said before, Temer is a Mason. His government will obviously be aligned with the new world order, as Dilma's was. But portraying him as the "destroyer" of social gains is exactly the script Dilma is trying to sell right now. 

Gold Update by Thomas Beecham

May 3, 2016

Gold Update by Thomas Beecham 

The central banks are keeping things afloat until war comes. Front and center, the central banks need to keep the governments borrowing. That means the economies are potential casualties, as the primary objective is continued. This means low interest rates will continue. There will be no greek exits, etc.

That is their primary objective. I discussed previously that The USFed should have raised rates as far back as 2012. It is too late now, and the Fed is talking the USD down via domestic economic weakness. The USDX has been dropping and that has been planned by the central banks. There is no dollar collapse, and I think inflation has been picking up on the margin. This is one of the reasons why gold has been rising.

Gold is also rising as a result of things to come. What is coming? short term rate suppression is causing all sorts of asset price distortions. I do not see commodities rising as a result of a reflation trade. Looking at a chart, gold is just rising like any other blip on a screen. The alternative media is now parroting collapse, etc. agh....

This is one important thing to wrap our minds around. The central banks can keep this whole system on IV drip for years. Indefinitely. As long as the average consuming person accepts this system, it can last forever. The average person is unprincipled, thus they choose to have an unprincipled monetary system, a system that promises them free things.

These people who think of rising rates ruining things, like Martin Armstrong, do not understand the Conspiracy. The authors of blogs, like the one you mention do not see these things either. Many who think the Feds are letting gold rise gradually as a reflation trade are misguided. The Feds want gold to go away and want to sever its role as monetary metal.

In the late 70s gold was 35-50/oz. It is 1300 now. That is a good rate of return. I do not look at the high point of 1980 of 850. I look at average prices. Gold has been rising, and will continue to rise over time.

Hitler was simply following the orders of the Hamburg banker, Max Warburg by Clifford Shack

April 29, 2016

Photo of Weitzman and his secret lover,  Lola Hahn Warburg. They kept a safe distance in photos to prevent their intimacy from being leaked. 

Hitler was simply following the orders of the Hamburg banker, Max Warburg 

by Clifford Shack

The Jewish Colony, at the time of Hitler's transfer, was then ready for the upper strata of Jewish society. The Warburgs and Rothschilds had been building the Jewish military colony since the advent of the Suez Canal. Not an easy mission by any means.

Initially, the Rothschilds ordered their client, the Russian Czar, to instigate pogroms so that Jewish Russians might flee to Palestine to provide the grunt work of draining the swamps and shlepping the rocks. That didn't work. 95% left according to David ben-Gurion. So they called in the Yemenite Jews who were used to such harsh conditions. They successfully accomplished the shit work.

To make a long story short, the German Jews arrived on schedule after the colony's infrastructure was done. No one expected doctors, bankers and lawyers to deal with malaria and pioneer stuff.

Once the German Jewish aristocracy arrived, the Brits issued their White Paper and all European immigration into Palestine came to a legal halt. Rothschild puppet, Winston Churchill one-time British colony secretary was instrumental with the stratagems involved.

Hitler was instructed to mop up the rest of the European Jewish population as best as he could to prevent the penniless, unskilled "schnorrers" (as Edmund de Rothschild referred to the Eastern European Jews) from ruining the Jewish colonization initiative. Hertzl had directly threatened to ruin the Rothschild's plan but he conveniently died soon thereafter and his Zionism efforts were soon led by Rothschild/Warburg ally Chaim Weizmann who was actually the lover of one of the Banking princesses, Lola Hahn Warburg.

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Lola Hahn Warburg one step ahead of Prince Philip. She wasn't hesitant
before the cameras. It's good to be the Queen...the real one.