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Satanism Rules the West

October 23, 2016

Ugly is beautiful. "It's all good," according to Satanic Doctrine

Society doesn't realize that it is controlled by 
Freemasonry, a Jewish cult based on Cabalism
Fasten your seat belts folks, because they believe 
they can overrule nature and common sense
and redefine reality. 

Here are more developments 
that strike me as occult in nature. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

Western society has become a satanic cult. Increasingly, our popular culture is the culture of a satanic cult, promoting satanic indoctrination. 

People generally are unsure about how to behave. Many look to TV, movies and music videos for guidance. These have become increasingly pornographic because sexual depravity is the hallmark of Satanism. People have been taught to demand prurient satisfaction. 

I channel-surfed for two hours during prime time Friday night (i.e. 8-10 pm) and encountered three graphic sexual portrayals -- two intercourse and one fellatio-- that would have been unacceptable as recently as ten years ago. Hardcore porn is available on google images and YouTube.

Up until roughly one hundred years, Christianity was the dominant zeitgeist. This was an ethos that saw mankind as a family devoted to the welfare and fulfillment of all of its members based on the belief that our soul is Divine. 

In order to destroy this ethos, Satanists started World War One and ensured that the gratuitous devastation would thoroughly demoralize humanity. I wouldn't be surprised if the sinking of the Titanic had a similar purpose.  As Ben Hecht wrote, Western Civilization had its legs cut out from underneath it by World War One. 

Because of Satanist control of education and mass media, few people have noticed that this pernicious zeitgeist has been directing "social change" ever since. The Satanist Zeitgeist is the same as Communism, "a system which makes one a tool in its hand--virtually a slave." (George Solomon, Among the Red Autocrats, 1935, p.5)

The Satanists have been able to disguise this agenda as rational and natural "social progress". However, the aim has been to destroy everything wholesome and positive in society based on its Christian heritage. This is because, unknown to most Jews and Freemasons, Cabalist Judaism is a satanic cult whose aim is to enslave and exploit  mankind. Unless there is a drastic change-of-course, we are headed for a Third World War. 

An Orwellian world-slave-state with a greatly reduced population will emerge from its radioactive ashes. 


In January 2015, I posted an article listing Ten Signs Western Society is a Satanic Cult.   The trends identified have only grown. Here I proffer more anecdotal evidence of how the satanist zeitgeist permeates society.  Remember this zeitgeist is all about wrestling humanity from God's purpose and reducing it to the level of squalor. This requires that all values are inverted: evil is good, ugly is beauty, weak is strong, truth is false, unnatural is natural, sick is healthy, hate is love, insane is sane, etc.. 

1. Sick is healthy.  M/F gender is universal throughout nature and fundamental to the survival of every species. Throughout history, cultures have cultivated these gender differences for the benefit of all. In their attempt to enslave society, the Cabalists have waged a war on gender that includes the mainstreaming of feminism and homosexuality. Now that gay marriage is acceptable, they are trying to erase the concept of innate gender altogether by saying you are whatever you identify with, regardless of biology. This attack extends to bathroom privacy. New laws will make it a "human right" to be genderless and punish those who refuse to acknowledge this status. The Cabalists are responsible for 100 million deaths in the last century.  Do you really think they care about the "rights" of a handful of disturbed people? This is a psychological attack on society.  A satanic cult controls and exploits people by making them sick.
The vast majority apparently have no "rights."

2. Ugly is beautiful.   According to Dr. Radio, overweight patients are now accusing  doctors of "fat-shaming" if the MD's recommend their patients lose some weight. Cabala is all about empowering dysfunction and sickness. 

3. Weak is Strong -  A church in my city has erected an impressive "memorial garden" on its front step for a longtime panhandler who passed away. "Ye who have no money shall come and eat" (Isaiah 55) it says on the monument. Can you imagine if they erected such a monument to someone who actually did God's work?? But that's not what churches do anymore. Religion is nothing more than a sanctimonious appearance of concern for the unfortunate. The Communist Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) here in Canada is non-stop sickness, minorities and the downtrodden. They never show the strong, happy and healthy. There are never any positive examples. 

4. False is True - Never in my lifetime has there been a presidential candidate more obviously sinister than Hillary Clinton. With the help of the msm, she has normalized deceit and corruption. She is rumoured to be a pedophile and a satanic high priestess. Yet the Cabalist establishment is determined to elect her, and millions of Americans are signalling their loyalty to the cult by voting for her. 

5. War is Peace- The chicanery and cynicism in Western foreign policy also seems unprecedented. The devastation continues in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine. They have convinced us that war is normal. War is the expansion of the central banker plantation. Russia appears to be resisting this expansion but this could simply be a pretext for the next big one. 


Communism is Satanism is Cabalist Judaism. Society is assuming the features of this satanic cult. In addition to the above, we see the 
social regimentation implied by "political correctness" which is nothing but satanic conformity. In a cult, people who deviate are subject to slander, smear, physical intimidation and loss of livelihood. This is happening now.  

What has happened to respect for the individual and love of freedom? We have reached the point where distinguishing between good and evil is considered "hate."


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First Comment from Dan:

Children's education is the key to minds of the next generation.  This presentation from 1992 explains how public education has worked ever since local boards of education have been compelled to follow Federal 'guidelines'. 

There's only one solution.  No parent should ever hand their children over to the State to be 'educated'.  If enough people return to home schooling the enemy can never win. 

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Satanism Rules the West "

Byron said (October 24, 2016):

Larry Nichols says that Hillary has belonged to a witches coven since the early 1970's.

I've always said, sometime soon, they will begin reporting that satanists want the right to ritually sacrifice a new born baby that has been genetically engineered for the purpose. It will have only a brain stem, no higher functions, but other wise look perfectly normal.

People laugh at me. If you had said ten years ago that there would be a serious MSM assault on allowing men into ladies toilets because they "identified" as a woman that day you would have been laughed at too.

Marco said (October 23, 2016):

Henry, that was a really good article, nothing really to add. Although its really no surprise why so many people these days are mentally ill, considering the entire world has been turned upside down, good is evil, ugly is beauty etc. If you lose bearings and get swept away by the world, you are going to end up crazy. Alan Watt, who I listen to on Sundays used to say, 'the hardest thing these days to do will be to keep your sanity.' And he's right, with all this inversion of things, anything naturally uplifting is murdered and replaced with a monstrous new reality, of course you'll go crazy if you buy into this madness, its not natural.

"The Communist Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) here in Canada is all about sickness and the downtrodden. They never show the strong and healthy. There are never any positive examples. "
I always love a good thrashing of the CBC, one of the most potent propaganda outlets in the West; a totally evil enterprise. They really push this inversion of values and have blood on their hands for all the minds and souls they have utterly ruined. They can take a healthy mind and twist it into a sick, dependant, unhealthy mind, is there anything more evil than taking something healthy and breaking it ?

Christ condemned the Pharisees accusing them of shutting up the Kingdom of God to man with their false teachings. The CBC puts the Pharisees to shame.
They are slayers of entire generations, they espouse all the inversion of values that you listed. I pray God will heap upon them their just reward.
I hate them to my core, they are a hundred times worse than American counterparts such as CNN, the CBC is utterly Marxist and Satanic.

"We have reached the day when making the true distinction between good and evil is considered 'hate.'"
I've lost count a long time ago of the amount of times I've been told, 'thou shalt not judge' when I was pointing out blatant evil and lamenting the lack of justice in the world... It used to be that men would see injustice and have righteous indignation, not today though, manliness is so-yesterday.

In todays world we must be tolerant of everything - everything unless it is militantly opposed to the Satanic order of things. That's why all virility, goodness, and truth is demeaned.

How about we leave the Illuminati values behind and stand for our own that they are trying to destroy, such as race, beauty, religion, and family.

Paul said (October 23, 2016):

You wrote: "I channel-surfed for two hours during prime time Friday night (i.e. 8-10 pm) and encountered three graphic sexual portrayals -- two intercourse and one fellatio-- that would have been unacceptable as recently as ten years ago. "

I have a question: How long do you think you would have to surf before you find a sex scene between two married people (married to each other, that, and of opposite sex...sigh)? How long has it been since you have seen such a scene? On TV? In the movies? For the most part, Hollywood has never depicted sex between married persons - the only place where sex is supposed to occur, btw. They went from separate twin beds and pecks on the cheek, straight to adultery and fornication. Now they are depicting sodomy. Depicting it as virtuous.

Do they even show anything at all wholesome on any channel any more? Even the romances on the Hallmark channel inevitable show an engaged couple being split by the arrival of some eye candy for whom the woman readily discards her fiance. Just on the verge of marriage, then bye bye! Real nice. And, of course, any time on youtube and you can find lots of sex tucked into the frames of children's cartoons. Not to mention the fact that the young, innocent singer de jour always turns into a raving slut the moment she attracts a following. Brittney Spears, Miley Cyrus, etc.

They cannot even advertise a hamburger without using soft core pornography (Carl's Jr) or sex and drug innuendos (Jack-in-the-Box, Taco Bell).

I guess I figure that we deserve Hillary Clinton. Perhaps she is a divine punishment in an ugly pantsuit.

Al Thompson said (October 23, 2016):

This is just the usual inverting of reality. Fat is ugly no matter how you look at it. When I am overweight, I look like shit and so does everyone else when they are fat.
"Fat-shaming" should mean stamping the name "Goodyear" on a fat person's ass and then fly it over the Super Bowl.

Communist libtards are just too much to even look at let alone listen to anything that they have to say. They are idiots and I don't mind telling them so whenever I get the chance. I recently had the joy of telling a freemason that he is a devil worshipper and that he's a piece of excrement. That made my evening. We have to tell these people that they are idiots.

Gender bending is really stupid and it is a ploy to confuse the young people. This is why I recommend and young people don't go to college unless the subject matter they need to learn requires it. One of the things students need to do when going to college is to protect their minds of these communist thugs.

Tim said (October 23, 2016):

The temporarily triumphant (but ultimately doomed) Satanist ethos was succinctly summarized by the infamous Anton LaVey:

'The Satanist realizes that man, and the action and reaction of the universe, is responsible for everything, and doesn't mislead himself into thinking that someone cares. Self-sacrifice is not encouraged by the Satanic religion. The Satanist believes in complete gratification of his ego.'

So, if we want to combat those Satanic precepts we must revert their variegated inversions of reality by exalting the sublime providence and glory of God. The battle-space is in hearts and minds of every individual. Know them by their fruits!

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Writing for the Internet

October 22, 2016

Many readers contribute
articles to this website. 
This is the standard 
to which I aspire.

"The Internet is a very competitive environment. There is a plethora of good, free material. To compete, you must be as quick, easy and engaging as possible."

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
The Key to Good Writing
(Updated from June, 2006)

The key to good writing is to consider your audience.

Recently a feminist sent me a long angry diatribe.

I replied: "What made you think I'd read this once I figured out it wasn't praise?"

People expect you to read their thoughts just because they took the trouble to write them down. Communication is not the same as self-expression. If you need to express yourself, start a diary. 

In communication, your reader must want to read your work! You must have something original to say.  You must write in an inviting and compelling way.

Put yourself in the reader's position. He doesn't have much time or patience. He's looking for something that will inform, empower or uplift him.

You must pique his interest immediately and convey your message quickly. 

The most common mistake is over-writing. This is due to insecurity and the mistaken notion that articles must be long. 

Keep it short!  Weed out unnecessary words.  

The Internet is a very competitive environment. There is a plethora of good, free material. To compete, you must be as quick, easy and engaging as possible.

George Bernard Shaw said. "Have something original to say and say it in the shortest, most candid, straight-forward way possible."

If you're guileless, there is no reason to be nervous. 

Ideally you'll be passionate about your information or viewpoint, and your sincerity will connect.


Clear writing requires clear thinking. If your message isn't clear to you, it's not going to be clear to your reader.

State your argument and give a few proofs. Don't cite a lot of evidence and expect your reader to figure out your argument. (The reader wants  your conclusions; he doesn't need your thought process. He will either accept or reject your views.)

Ideally, convey your message in the title and first paragraph so the reader can decide whether to read your piece.  Write in a linear way, one-thought-per sentence.

Don't use titles that say" "The Truth about Such and Such." Reveal the startling truth in the title. 

Good writing requires much rewriting. If you can, put the work away and look at it again over a few days.

None of this will stop the New World Order but it will enable us to communicate effectively.  


Related: George Orwell's "Politics and the English Language"


You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for " Writing for the Internet "

Pad in Australia said (June 1, 2006):

Thanks Henry.

A mate just sent a link to your piece on �The Key to Good Writing�.

I suffer from the cursed gift of Algenon from the play about Ernest and his Importance.

It means I don�t write in accuracy and emit style instead.

Your piece will help me to do both.

So again � Thanks

Sonia said (May 29, 2006):

If your rules were followed, there would be no newspapers, junk mags, etc.
As usual, good article! If only more would follow your advice!
Further, if only conversational sentences/comments were not organized around "wow" "like" "cool"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One hears it everywhere, endorsed by the boobtube!
AAARGH! I remember one of Jeff's guests who had written a book about the English language and how years ago a sign of an "adult" was their language; now the adults ape their teens!!! Shows the immaturity that abounds in the US!!!!!
As we watch foreign-language TV, BBC, etc., nowhere does the man on the street sound so illiterate as here in the US. Ah, like, ah, ah, like, ah, ah, ah, ah like.....
Even soccer players when interviewed in So. Amer. can form sentences speaking their mind with no hesitation ----- and believe me, they are not university or even HS grads!!!!!

Mary said (May 29, 2006):

Thanks for the tips on writing--will use them! Just completed a Master's (with a Certificate in Holistic Health). Would like to write some workshops (with Handouts, of course) geared toward those who wonder if 'Holistic Health' is some kind of new 'Reality' sitcom, HMO, or diet bar. New at this and don't have a lot of years to learn it quickly (54 years old now), nor luxury or inclination to simply 'dabble.' Thanks! Mary

djd said (May 29, 2006):

Yours is one model used for arranging ideas for conveyance to others in writing. It is mechanical and thus involves the reworking of already known info into an acceptable format. Consider those who speak or write at the same speed as they intuit the ideas. They unravel fresh ideas and format without consciously doing more than opening oneself to the world
of inspiration.Nothing matters at this time except the exploration of the ideas that the attention has locked into.

Inspired writers care more for expressing what comes in via intuition than for pleasing the ego or accomodating the shortness of attention
spans. The message matters most and built into it is clarity,logic(linear, reticulate or otherwise), relevance, simplicity etc. The
reader(who must want to know)is then given a journey in which his soul is exhilarated and lifted. He is not the same afterwards. He was
enlightened, a bit at a time.

Tony said (May 28, 2006):

I have found the most effective way to do that is the way the schools -
with the help of such as Sesame Street - have indoctrinated the students for several generations now. Facts and the backup to facts - even reason, or maybe especially reason - is pretty much a waste of effort on the writer's part. What today's young have been "taught" (indoctrinated too) is short sloganeering with a strong emotional pull. The slogan can
be actually senseless when thought through but the politically savvy writer doesn't care as he knows it will trigger the particular emotional
response he is after. This occurs in advertisements constantly, of course. But, perhaps a bit more subtly, it is used even more in politics. Most have noticed that politicians give "non responses" in answer to most questions. But few note that these "non responses" are loaded with emotional hype. It's true that you can't get a "straight
answer" from a smart politician. He is going to get HIS emotional jog in, he doesn't care a whit what the question was.

Note how Bush's speech writers made his treasonous sabotage of the U.S. southern border invasion ring out to the naive as, at last, he's going to do something about the illegals. The real, now universally recognizable term for such speechifying is the simple word "bullshit."

Point is, "good writing" today may have several definitions so as to fit the targeted reader ability to discern the message. Sad perhaps, but
I'm afraid it's too true. I wish more writers on the side of right would see this and write to the mental abilities of their would be
audience. Short, strong emotional tugs will work for right as well as for wrong. In fact, when the message is right it rings more true, even to those whose mental processes have been made purposely fuzzy by the "educators" agenda of planned ignorance.

Below - Movie describes tyranny of an invisible alien cult (scroll down)

Megyn Kelly - Queen of Media Whores

October 21, 2016


Megyn Kelly is the prototype of the all-American Girl - blonde,  buxom, beautiful and reeking of wholesome down home midwest American values and Christianity. This is also why she is so dangerous.

(Disclaimer- For a change of pace, I am letting a contributor vent. I like his passion!)

by Karl Svensen

Fox TV news caster Megyn Kelly sold her soul to the Satanic movement known as Zionism, now disguised as Neo-Conservatism.

She is a mouthpiece for this movement, and often uses her femininity as a weapon to refute or blunt any attacks on the stupid foreign and domestic policy objectives fashioned for her by her Zio-Masters at the Pentagon and in the International Banking Establishment.

We know that Megyn Kelly is a whore and a hypocrite based on her sleazy, uncomfortable, sexually provocative, and self- sexualization/prostitution of herself on the Howard Stern Show back in 2010, wherein she freely talked about being exploited, and her own exploitation of, her breasts, thighs, legs, ass, anus, vagina, and every other aspect of her female sexuality, and her making no complaints about having to literally sell her soul to become successful and a "presstitute" for Roger Ailes of FoxNews and the rest of the Neo-Con Zionist Establishment Deep State.

The problem is that 90% of middle American, red-blooded men and women, have absolutely no idea that this chick is a Satanic Luciferian whore.

And that her job, true to the CIA/NAZI-inspired Operation Mockingbird, is designed to mind control the masses of America, mold and shape them into buying into the hateful, murderous policies of the Deep State in America.

Megyn Kelly is every white Christian man's sister/wife/daughter, every Christian woman's sister/daughter/best friend, but with the heart and soul of a Neo-Conservative Reptile.

She is the "sugar coating" for the bitter pill America is forced to swallow, and she is exceedingly dangerous, because she holds the vast majority of white Christian America in the palm of her hand.

The unforgivable and hypocritical attacks she waged on Donald Trump when she chaired the debates for example, on behalf of her militant Feminazi sisters was nothing short of shameful.

While she viciously attacked Donald Trump for using "inappropriate comments" against women, on the Howard Stern Show she openly talked about her vagina, her breasts, her pregnancy in a derogatory manner, playing along with the ultimate derelict of anti-women misogyny, Howard Stern himself,.

Megyn Kelly is the ultimate media whore, and Americans should collectively fire her and send her packing to the poor house, so that she can openly sell her ass for a few crack vials and the heroine/crystal meth that she so vastly deserves.
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----------- MK Dumbfounded when she is told Hillary bribed FBI

First Comment by Dan:

If he were writing an article condemning the pornography industry, the writer would focus his blame on the biggest porn star of the current year.  Megyn Kelly didn't turn TV "News" into a whorehouse.  She didn't invent "Pressititution".

The writer is far too obsessed with Megyn Kelly to simply turn off the TV.  It doesn't help to change the channel: television rides on T&A (tits and ass). I would rather talk about her boss, Roger Ailes; or the owners of the 6 corporations that own the entire Establishment "News"/"Entertrainment" industry.

I want a Supreme court that will overturn the decisions that let pornography become a multi-billion dollar 'industry' on the internet, and the other decision in 1965 that decriminalized pornography and obscenity as "free speech".

Until then, let's all grow the self-discipline to destroy these toxic cash cow industries by kicking them out of your home.  There's no need anymore to own a television in your home.   Use the internet.

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Megyn Kelly - Queen of Media Whores "

Lisa said (October 22, 2016):

Funny article!

Yes, someone like me can see what Megyn Kelly is because I grew up with these white bitchy whores all my life who treat everyone who does not look like them terribly. Jews LOVEEEE women who look like this, it is their favorite type to defile, rape, use, and drink their Christian baby blood in satanic sacrifice rituals. Ask Hillary she does it all the time with her satanic lesbian and gay cohorts. They also LOVE using this type in sexual satanic orgies as well remember Eyes Wide Shut. It is all true.

Gentile white women are very easy to turn by Jews because they are VERY materialist and LOVE money and status. White men and women have been selling out their own countrymen for 100s of years in USA, Europe, Canada, everywhere. Jews KNOW white people can be easily swayed with money, status, and inflated ego. Give them those 3 things and they will do ANYTHING for Jews. Really ANYTHING.

My favorite thing about white people is they all seem to think they are very good people and all other races are less than them and free loading losers. What they fail to understand is God does not work that way. Entitled, inflated ego white people are last in God's eyes. Heaven is not reserved for assholes. Heaven is for all the people white people treated shitty all their lives. All those asshole, mean white nationalists who hate other races will find heaven is closed to them. Amen!

David said (October 22, 2016):

Henry, Megan is all the things Karl says, except for "she holds the vast majority of white Christian America in the palm of her hand". I quit getting any of my information about what's going on in the world from the corporate networks many years ago. CNN's ratings now are below the Garden Channel's. Although Megan is at the faux-right-wing Fox network, when I hear faintly about how many households are tuned into the alphabet networks, it reminds me of something humorist Lewis Grizzard said, it's like watching "two mules fighting over a turnip. Who cares?" The viewership of the corporate media pales in comparison to the traffic to internet news sites like yours and others.

NM said (October 22, 2016):

This article is spot on about Mrs. Kelly. Stopped watching her treacherous spin about 2 years ago. Did catch a glimpse of her trump loathing but only because of the primary debate headlines.

Mel said (October 22, 2016):

Karl's disdain for Megyn Kelly seem almost pathological in nature. He presents himself as a lunatic.

Kudos to Dan for pointing out the obvious; there are bigger and more powerful entities that control what Megy represents.
If she angered the "right" people, Megyn would lose her job in a heartbeat.
I'm kind of wondering now whether Henry is a misogynist himself.

Don said (October 22, 2016):

Be thankful you aren’t living in the USA. I watched the final debate last night and the biased news reports afterwards. Hilary or her double avoided the issues about deleted emails and bashed Trump over women’s issues. Trump was saying a lot of the right things but is it just talk? Hillary avoided the difficult questions and gave a horse-faced grin every time Trump spoke. It looks like I predicted months ago that the women will decide this election. I figured Trump was the new Ross Perot, but have hoped he may be changing his tune if he sees a real chance of winning and listens to whatever conscience he may have left.

Last night and today the media and especially the women sided with Hillary. The exception was Megyn Kelly. I never watch Fox news but did after the debates. She trounced on a couple of people both black and for Hillary for not answering the questions and going in a different direction. Of course my testosterone made me like Kelly and I was thinking she is a very attractive and intelligent woman. Then I read your article today and chuckled about myself.

So now I’ve got a dilemma. I hate both candidates, but I hate Hillary the most. Do I throw my vote away and not vote or do I vote for some other candidate that has no chance of winning? I feel like one of the Germans in a documentary about Hitler who said that Hitler was the only candidate who offered any kind of hope. I see no hope what so ever with Hillary, and very little if Trump wins and does anything he says.

Dark days ahead.

Bruce said (October 21, 2016):

@Dan: It seems obvious you are defending Megyn Kelly. You have not adequately rebutted Mr, Svenson but appearing to attack him. Just because he mentions Kelly's assets does not make him obsessed with her, but only pointing out how she has exploited those said assets to beguile the average dumbed down Amurcan. And yes he did mention Roger Ailes and his connections to the Zionist Press born out of the CIA operation MockingBird. I will say this: she is a whore, an amoral pig, and no lady in my opinion in any sense of the word. She is a created Barbie doll for the Zionist Press to beguile the average brain dead Amurcan football watcher to droll over. So, pray tell, are you going to say I'm obsessed with her?

The Satanism of The Rocky Horror Picture Show by Ryan MacDonald

October 24, 2016

The Satanism of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

by Ryan MacDonald

Fox Television premiered a prime time remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show recently, which was originally shown in theaters in 1975. The original film was a flop.  It did however become a cult favorite and drew a steady crowd of sexual deviants, thrill seekers and over all freaks to midnight showings of the film where the audience would dress as their favorite characters and recite lines from the film.  

The plot is simple. A young couple, Brad and Janet are on their honeymoon when their car breaks down in the middle of no where during a storm and they are forced to seek refuge at an old castle.  They are taken in by the butler where they are told they arrived on a "special night".  They meet the master of ceremonies Dr. Frank N Furter, a satanic sexual deviant, who just happens to be revealing his new creation(sex toy) Rocky that very evening. What ensues is an evening of music, dance numbers, sexual debauchery and cannibalism neatly wrapped up as a rock musical. 

The 2016 film was directed by Kenny Ortega who directed the High School Musical trilogy as well as several other Disney films.  It was clear to anyone watching that this film was aimed at the youth market and was just more counter culture, anti family, social engineering indoctrination to confuse an already confused generation of kids regarding their own sexuality. 

This time, the main character Dr. Frank N Furter was played by a real life transgender Laverne Cox , which plays nicely into the "gay agenda" narrative. The rainbow flag was prominently displayed inside the castle as well. Like the original, the show aims to blur the lines of normal healthy sexuality by promoting bisexuality, partner swapping and cross dressing as cool and daring and any thing less is old fashion and boring like the nerdy characters Brad and Janet.  

The song near the end encompasses the message of the film "Don't Dream It Be It".  Its a very Crowley-like statement.  With lyrics:

Give yourself over to absolute pleasure
Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh
Erotic nightmares beyond any measure
And sensual daydreams to treasure forever
Can't you just see it?
Don't dream it - be it.

Fortunately, the masses passed on the pathetic 2016 remake and it too tanked in the ratings like the original film.  More and more people are awaking to this blatant attempt by this satanic cult to brain wash society into believing that we are some how fluid sexual beings created through evolution.  This, of course, would make us all soul-less, indistinguishable entities, part of the collective, with no connection to God and no God given rights.  

Movie describes tyranny of an invisible alien cult

October 21, 2016

Movie describes tyranny of an invisible alien cult

"Although They Live is usually described as "a science-fiction movie that criticizes consumer culture", the scope of its message actually goes way beyond the usual "consumerism is bad" lecture. They Live can indeed be interpreted as a treatise on the thorough and systematic conditioning of human experience in order for a hidden elite to covertly control, manipulate and exploit the masses. In the movie, the rulers are portrayed as a completely different race that perceives humans as inferior - something that can easily be correlated to the attitudes about the bloodlines of the Illuminati. The presence of these strong messages in the movie is one of the reasons They Live became somewhat of a cult-classic, despite the fact that it was panned by movie critics. As the years go by, the movie's message is becoming increasingly relevant ... and freakishly realistic.

Many of those who seek the truth about the world realize that it's reins are held by an un-elected elite, one that is essentially hidden from the public eye. As the movie's promotional poster says: "You see them on the street. You watch them on TV. You might even vote for one this fall. You think they're people just like you. You're wrong. Dead wrong." Working behind the scenes, this secretive elite constantly works towards the creation of a global system that would serve its interests: a New World Order, ruled by one world government. As a human collaborator says in the movie to justify his selling-out: "There ain't no countries anymore. No more good guys. They're running the whole show. They own everything. The whole goddamn planet!"  To facilitate the rulers' work, the masses are kept in the dark and are distracted with the fake puppet show that is politics and the "no independent thought" programming that is mass media. Apathy, ignorance and indifference are the elite's best friends.

Despite its unimpressive special effects and odd dialogue, They Live manages to describe the world elite's motives and strategy in a way that can be understood by all. And that is no simple task. However, in order to fully understand the movie's message, one must be wearing truth-seeing sunglasses. Do you have yours on?"

Why is NFL Viewership Plummeting? (from Dan)

October 15, 2016

Why is NFL Viewership Plummeting? (from Dan) 

The audience share for the NFL this year is down by double digits.  Can you guess why?

1. The NFL's 2015 launching Gay Pride halftime shows?

2. Players forced to wear NFL Pink from now on?

3. Turning the Pledge of Allegiance into a political "football"?

5. It's a Mystery. 

The correct answer - according to the MSM is number 5.  

(of course the MSM also routinely says 2+2=5)

I don't care why the ratings are down, I just hope they stay down.  Television sports is the number one OPIATE of the masses.  When sports ratings plummet, it means more people are paying attention to politics.

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